What can the USCA do for you?

Now is the time to answer that question. Five years ago, we surveyed the membership to get a sense of who they are, why they play, and other questions about their croquet world. Included in the multiple choice survey was an opportunity to voice any concerns about what and how the USCA was doing (or not).

The USCA’s mandate is to ‘Promote the sport of croquet’. With all croquet being ‘local’, the sport is driven by what’s happening on the lawns of America. Those include manicured & leveled 6 Wicket through to rough & tumble backyards. Our association is, among other things, a central clearing house of information and methods that help players and clubs in their growth.

In the 5 years since our last survey, the world of croquet has changed. Golf Croquet has made its presence known, along with a push for greater recognition. There also seems to be resurgence in backyard croquet. New clubs have started, catering to every version, rules have evolved and a whole new generation is turning on to croquet thanks to the internet.

The USCA’s Management Committee meets annually to discuss changes and plan for the upcoming year(s). With this increasing and changing activity, it is critical that we understand the ‘how, why and where’ of the croquet world to better serve players – members of the USCA or not.

Help us grow this wonderful sport and better fulfill our mandate. You don't have to be a member and it will be the best 10 minutes you can contribute to your sport.

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