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Upcoming Tournaments, Schools, and Events
(Now till September 28)

Here are the tournaments, schools, and other events happening in the next thirty days. For complete lists see tournaments, schools, events, and Selection Events.

For other calendars, see USCA Club Calendars.

Sep 2–5  ·  Club Championships of Singles and Doubles
Region:  Mid-Atlantic
Location:  Rumson Country Club, Rumson, NJ
Contact:  Jan Wouters TD
Phone 1:  732-530-8796
Americna Rules

Sep 3–5  ·  2016 Tulsa Classic Tournament
Region:  Midwest
Location:  The Gardens at LaFortune Park, Tulsa, OK
Contact:  Bob Baker, TM
Phone 1:  918-688-7777
Phone 2:  918-747-0214
Alt Contact:  Matt Baird, TD
American Rules

Sep 8–11  ·  Georgia Croquet Championships
Region:  Southeast
Location:  Carroll Country Croquet Players, Carrollton, GA
Contact:  Dr. James Huff TM
Phone 1:  770-832-6272
American Rules

Sep 8–11  ·  NC State Singles Championship
Region:  Southeast
Location:  Bald Head Island Croquet Club, Bald Head Island, NC
Contact:  Bill Daigle
Phone 1:  910-269-9580
Alt Contact:  Jeff Soo TD
American Rules, Singles Only

Sep 8–11  ·  Woodlawn Mini Lobster Tournament
Region:  Northeast
Location:  Woodlawn Museum, Ellsworth, ME
Contact:  Perry Mattson TM
Phone 1:  207-266-1263
Alt Contact:  Larry Stettner TD
Alt Phone 1:  207-266-2733
American Rules

Sep 9–11  ·  Club Championships of Green Gables Croquet Club
Region:  Mid-Atlantic
Location:  Green Gables Croquet Club, Sea Girt, NJ
Contact:  Karen Leoncavallo
Phone 1:  908-216-3833
Alt Contact:  Murray Pollock TD
American Rules

Sep 16–18  ·  Merion Cricket Club Invitational
Region:  Mid-Atlantic
Location:  Merion Cricket Club, Haverford, PA
Contact:  Whitney Thain
Phone 1:  610-642-5800x260
American Rules

Sep 21–25  ·  26th Annual Pinehurst Croquet Club Invitational
Region:  Southeast
Location:  Pinehurst Croquet Club, Pinehurst, NC
Contact:  Elaine Moody
Phone 1:  910-255-6368
Phone 2:  910-986-3164
Alt Contact:  Danny Huneycutt, TD
American Rules

Sep 22–24  ·  Lake Toxaway Golf Croquet Invitational
Region:  Southeast
Location:  Lake Toxaway Country Club, Lake Toxaway, NC
Contact:  Kenny Lovett
Phone 1:  828-458-1863
Golf Croquet Rules

Sep 22–25  ·  Osborn Cup Invitational
Region:  Mid-Atlantic
Location:  New York Croquet Club, New York, NY
Contact:  Peter Timmins
Phone 1:  646-642-6601
Alt Contact:  John Osborn TD
American Rules

Sep 22–25  ·  Scissor Tail 6 Wicket Invitational
Region:  Midwest
Location:  Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club, Nichols Hills, OK
Contact:  Suzanne Spradling
Phone 1:  405-848-6420
Phone 2:  405-590-7264
Alt Contact:  Suzanne Spradling TM
American Rules

Sep 23–25  ·  NCC American 6 wicket members' only singles
Region:  Florida
Location:  National Croquet Center, Florida
Contact:  Bill Trower, TM
Phone 1:  561-523-3535
Alt Contact:  Rick Landry TD
American Rules

Sep 24–25  ·  Special Olympics CT & RI Croquet Tournament
Region:  Northeast
Location:  Ocean House, Watch Hill, RI
Contact:  Bobbi Shorthouse TD
Phone 1:  860-608-1222
6 wicket Golf Croquet modified rules; public welcome to watch

Sep 28 – Oct 1  ·  GHCC 10th Invitational Tournament
Region:  Florida
Location:  Grand Haven Croquet Club, Palm Coast, FL
Contact:  Bob Crouch
Phone 1:  386-986-3112
Phone 2:  847-345-1586
Alt Contact:  Fred Jones TD
American Rules




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