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Eric SawyerEric Sawyer

Eric Sawyer was selected as the first alternate on the team representing the U.S. in the first ever World Golf Croquet Team Championships played in November 2012 in South Africa. In 2011, Eric placed 3rd in singles & doubles in the Championship Flight of the 2011 USCA Golf Croquet National Championships. Eric presently serves on the USCA's Golf Croquet Selection and Golf Croquet Committees, and he is also writing a regular column on golf croquet strategy and skills in the USCA Quarterly magazine.

Eric's articles are reproduced here (in alphabetical order). You may need to get the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

PDF Document Bombards
PDF Document Classic In-Off: Easy New Article Icon
PDF Document Conceding
PDF Document Corner Cannon New Article Icon
PDF Document Decision Tree on Wicket Approaches
PDF Document Golden Triangle
PDF Document Jump Shots
PDF Document Learning the Three Approach Shots
PDF Document Next Ball Matrix
PDF Document One Ball Blocks Another from the Hoop
PDF Document Pass-Roll
PDF Document Roll, Run & Rush New Article Icon
PDF Document Stun Stop Shot
PDF Document The First Ball to Approach a Wicket
PDF Document Three Ways to Jaws
PDF Document Using an In-Off from a Poor Angle New Article Icon
PDF Document Using the Accelerator and the Steering Wheel
PDF Document When NOT to Try Jawsing? by Eric Sawyer





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