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The best way to learn how to play American Croquet is to play Golf Croquet with someone. This will teach you how to swing a mallet, hit a ball, run a hoop, and the order in which the hoops must be run in Six-Wicket Croquet. Then have someone teach you how to play American Croquet. This will teach you two-ball shots, running breaks, sequence, and carry-over deadness.

If you want to learn another type of croquet, use the library for Association Croquet, Nine-Wicket Croquet, or Golf Croquet.

The USCA also offers classes that will teach you how to play American Croquet.

But if you want to do some learning on your own, visit some coaching websites, and read some of these articles.

  1. Watch Introducing the Game of Croquet by Chris van der Craats (get Adobe Shockwave).
  2. Watch Introduction to Croquet by John Bevington (get Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer).

You can buy a book or video about American Croquet.

Don't spend too much time reading — get out there and play!







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