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The following rules are experimental and are set forth here to permit testing by USCA players. Subsequent to a 12 month trial period, one or more of these rules (or some modification of them based on player input) may be considered for adoption as official rules of the USCA at such time as the USCA Rules Committee and the USCA Management Committee have sufficient data on their impact on the game to make a decision as to their appropriateness.

Until such rules are officially adopted and published as official rules in a supplement or future edition of the USCA Rulebook, they may be used in USCA sanctioned events if written notice of the intention to use one or more of these rules is given on all player notification and entry forms prior to a tournament.

Players are actively encouraged to experiment with these rules in non-tournament play and provide the USCA Rules Committee with their comments and experiences.

17.1 Immediately in the Game

The game begins by each ball, in turn, beginning with blue, being placed within the starting area. As soon as a ball is placed within the starting area, it is in the game and live on all other balls which have already been placed in the starting area. In using this Experimental Rule, players should assume that all other references in the rulebook to balls “in the game” or balls “not in the game” be considered deleted

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