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3.1 Mallet Use

a) A striker shall strike the ball with either striking face of the mallet. If the striker strikes the ball with the adjacent edge, beveled edge or corner of the striking face, it shall not be deemed a fault unless the striker’s swing is hampered (rule 11.5a(1)). If a fault does occur the penalty is end of turn and replace balls (rule 12.2a).

b) A player may not change mallets during a turn except in the case of damage affecting its use.

3.2 Striking Period and Shot

a) The “striking period” begins when a striker starts the backswing, with intent to strike the ball, and ends at the conclusion of the follow through. When the striker repeatedly swings or casts the mallet over the ball, the backswing starts when the mallet head has passed the ball on the final backswing the striker intends to make before striking the ball. If the striker deliberately interrupts the swing after the striking period has begun, and before the mallet reaches the ball or a fault is committed, the striker has not made a shot and may begin the striking period again.

b) A “shot” (stroke) begins when the striker’s mallet contacts the ball and ends when all balls set in motion by the striker have stopped rolling or have crossed a boundary.

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