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Can-Am Challenge Won by America

26-29 July 2007
Westmount and Mt. Royal, Montreal, Quebec, Canadar

America beat Canda 9-6 this year, congratulations!

Canadian Player(s) American Player(s) Winner
Patrick Little
Chris Loat
Russell Brown
Ken Shipley*
19-10 Canada
Jane Beharriell
Alison Streight
Robert Comeau
Laura O'Laughlin
11-9 America
George Dej
Hywel Morgan
Joan Comeau
Lloyd Hadden
13-12 Canada
Patrick Little Andrew de Courcy-Ireland* 18-9 America
Chris Loat Russell Brown 20-19 America
Jane Beharriell Robert Comeau 18-10 Canada
Alison Streight Laura O'Laughlin 13-9 America
George Dej Joan Comeau 25-14 Canada
Hywel Morgan Lloyd Hadden 13-10 America
Patrick Little Russell Brown 26-6 America
Chris Loat Andrew de Courcy-Ireland*
Ken Shipley*
22-8 Canada
Jane Beharriell Laura O'Laughlin 16-9 Canada
Alison Streight Robert Comeau 11-8 America
George Dej Lloyd Hadden 1-0 America
Hywel Morgan Joan Comeau 1-0 America

*Canadian playing for America.






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