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Greenwich Croquet Club Invitational Won by Doug Grimsley

25-29 June 2008
Greenwich Croquet Club, Greenwich, CT
by John Osborn

The 2008 Greenwich Croquet Club Invitational was blessed with beautiful skies as play was completed this past Sunday. The five-day event proved to be the best ever, the weather cooperative and the play spirited throughout. Three sites were used: Bruce Park, The Field Club and Bayberry, the home court of Bill and Marjorie Campbell. For those not participating within the main event, Bob Kroeger offered a four-day School for nine enthusiastic players.

Three Flights were held in both Singles and Doubles, the Doubles portion employing the Waterford system. Matches were timed at one hour and fifteen minutes with double-banking occuring only within the Championship and First Flight Singles. The courts in all locations never looked better.

As is always the case, social activities kept the action going each evening. Michael & Diane Blow and Bob & Tina Theurkauf hosted the Wednesday night pool-side dinner, Brian Scanlan and Cynthia Chang welcomed all to their beautiful home Thursday, Em Tooley kept the drinks flowing Friday and Saturday was capped with the famous Bill and Marjorie Campbell Clambake. Sunday was completed with a wonderful Final's Cook-out, also at the Campbell compound.

Great thanks go out to all of the members of The Greenwich Croquet Club for making the visitors feel so at home and longing for next year! A more comprehensive report will be posted either here or/and within The Croquet News in the near future. Till then, below you will find the Final Order of Finish:

Final Order

  Championship Singles Championship Doubles

Doug Grimsley

Doug Grimsley

2nd Ted Knopf Diane Blow
3rd Ben Morehead Bill Hamilton
4th Chris Loat Paul Phoenix
5th John Curington
David Ekstrom
Norris Settlemyre
Jeff Sharpe
Norris Settlemyre
6th Ben Morehead
7th Janet Hamilton
8th Chris Loat
9th Diane Blow
Mary Daly
Bill Hamilton
Janet Hamilton
Joe Morris
Mary Daly
10th David Ekstrom
11th Ted Knopf
12th Bill Duncan
13th John Curington
14th Paul Phoenix
Bill Campbell
Barbara Leeming
15th Joe Morris
16th Bill Duncan Bill Campbell

  First Flight Singles First Flight Doubles

Otto Wahlrab

Jerry Luecke

2nd Carol Mayo Cynnie Cagney
3rd Cynnie Cagney
3. Donna Dixon
Preston Stuart
4th Carol Mayo
5th Jerry Lueke
Geoffrey Mattison
Stephanie Paduano
Nancy Reynolds
Otto Wahlrab
6th Donna Dixon
7th Charlotte Hapak
8th Joe Morris
9th Martie Ekstrom
John Hoffman
Preston Stuart
Tina Theurkauf
Nancy Reynolds
10th Betty Crisler
11th John Hoffman
12th Geoffrey Mattison
13th Anne Morris Stephanie Paduano
14th Betty Crisler
14. Charlotte Hapak
Tina Theurkauf
15th Ted Fuller
16th Wayne Dimm Martie Exstrom

  Second Flight Singles Second Flight Doubles

Frank Dixon

Frank Dixon

2nd Suzanne Spangenberg Brian Scanlan
3rd Blair Stuart Bobbi Shorthouse
4th Bobbi Shorthouse Blair Stuart
5th Laura Warner Arthur Clarke
6th   Suzanne Spangenberg
7th Laura Warner
8th Wayne Dimm






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