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Massachusetts State Championship Won by Stephen Carter

17 May 2008
Lenox Croquet Club, Lenox, MA
by David R. Ekstrom, Tournament Director

Hosted by the Lenox Croquet Club, Lenox Massachusetts was held Saturday May 17th under sunny skies until the last match of the day when the clouds came in and a few cold sprinkles dampened the game. This was a singles only tournament as no time for doubles. 17 players participated with a few club members from NJ, NY, and VT.

As a one-day tournament the players were treated to a free style make your own sandwich, salad, home baked cookies and brownies. Following the tournament play all players retired to The Lenox Club for cocktails, dinner and awards ceremony. A special highlight of the evening was a poem recitation Abbott Combes gave of The Shooting of Dan McGrew by Robert W. Service.

The winner of the Championship Flight was Stephen Carter defeating defending two time state champion David Ekstrom. Peter Grey placed second by defeating David Ekstrom by 1 wicket. Ekstrom placed third.

Peter Broderson, Club President, defeated Martie Ekstrom by 2 wickets to take First Place and Martie Ekstrom placed second and Kathleen Dainton placed third.

Cortney Green won the Second Flight losing only one game and picked up 13 tracking points. Nancy Fremont, long time club member was runner up.

John Woodside did the charts for the first time relieving Kristine Sprague from this responsibility and providing the club with another person with charting experience.

David R. Ekstrom, District State President was also the TD.

Final Order

  Championship Singles
1st Stephen Carter
2nd Peter Grey
3rd David Ekstrom
4th Carl Kruse
5th Kristine Sprague

  First Flight Singles
1st Pete Broderson
2nd Martie Ekstrom
3rd Kathleen Dainton
4th John Woodside
5th Richard Palmer

  Second Flight Singles
1st Cortney Green
2nd Nancy Fremont
3rd George Blagden
4th Tom Gilbert
5th Jody Blagden






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