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Mid-Atlantic/New-England Regional Championships Won by Chris Patmore, and David Ekstrom & Jim Turner

9-12 September 2010
Greenwich Croquet Club, Greenwich, CT
by John Osborn, Tournament Director

 After four days of spirited play, the combined Mid-Atlantic/New England Regionals were completed Sunday under suspicious yet friendly skies. Forty players competed within three Flights of both Singles and Doubles and three venues were in use - Bruce Park, The Field Club and the Campbell court, Bayberry.

Perhaps Regional VPs Ben Morehead (New England) and Lee Hanna (Mid-Atlantic) have said it best:

Ben Morehead:

Today we saw some fabulous croquet, and none better than the dramatic comeback -- from down 1-17 to winning 20-19 -- put on by Jim Turner and Dave Ekstrom against Ben Rothman and Micah Beck. Jim successfully defended his Championship Doubles title from one year ago, and also picked up a tournament high 25 tracking points in singles.

I would again like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make this tourney a success, including Barbara Leeming, President of the Greenwich Croquet Club, Lee Hanna, VP of the co-sponsoring Mid-Atlantic USCA Region, John Osborn and Bob Kroeger, Tourney director and assistant director, Bill and Marjorie Campbell, who sponsored two parties at Bayberry, and all the volunteers who, on short notice, did everything from schlepping chairs to buying ice to hosting four guests at once in their homes! Wow. We couldn't have put on such a memorable tournament without all of you.

Lee Hanna:

I'd like to add my thanks and congratulations to all involved in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Regional Championship Tournament.
Thanks to Ben Morehead and Barbara Leeming for spearheading the Greenwich Croquet Club involvement in the tournament.  All of the Greenwich club members helped out so much.  I would particularly thank Bill and Marjorie Campbell for not only hosting two wonderful parties but also hosting nine houseguest and treating each of us as if we were the most special guest ever.  Many of the members were so generous in hosting guests for the five days and all of the guests were effusive in their praise of the wonderful treatment.  Cynthia Chang and Brian Scanlon treated us to a wonderful dinner in their gorgeous home and we are all grateful for that.  Emily Leeming went well above the call of duty hauling food, drink, chairs, and all other manner of other necessities to the courts -- and she did it with great, good humor.
The players were all just wonderful.  The play was at a top level with no controversy.  It was such a pleasant four days on the courts.  Congratulations to all of the players for the high level of play and to the winners for their success. I hope to see all of you again next year.

A full report upon the event will be found in the upcoming issues of The USCA News and The Croquet Calendar. Until then, please find below the Final Order of Finish:


1. Chris Patmore
2. Ben Rothman
3. Jim Turner
3. Leo McBride
5. Ben Morehead
5. Chris Loat
5. David Ekstrom
5. Rufus Bayard
9. Carl Kruse
9. David Hull
9. Micah Beck
9. Vic Lawrence
13. Mary Daly
13. Paul Phoenix
15. Bill Hamilton
15. Janet Hamilton


1. Chris Glowacki
2. Dave Cohen
3. Courtney Green
3. Justin Berbig
5. Bill Losier
5. Eric Turner
5. Lloyd Hadden
5. Martie Ekstrom
9. John Hoffman
9. Ron Atkins
11. Bill Dordelman
11. Lee Hanna
11. Tom Casey
11. Victoria Tutino
15. Len Lavallee
15. Spencer Hood


1. Bob Lowery
2. Francis Palasieski
3. Ian Sidey
3. Tom Duffy
5. Lee Kennedy
5. Suzanne Spangenberg
7. Melissa Hernan


1. David Ekstrom-Jim Turner
2. Ben Rothman-Micah Beck
3. Ben Morehead-Leo McBride
3. Chris Loat-Vic Lawrence
5. Carl Kruse-Bill Losier
6. David Hull-Bill Dordelman
6. Paul Phoenix-Bill Hamilton
6. Rufus Bayard-Bill Campbell


1. Chris Glowacki-Courtney Green
2. Lloyd Hadden-Dave Cohen
3. John Hoffman-Barbara Leeming
3. Justin Berbig-Lee Hanna
5. Martie Ekstrom-Ron Atkins
6. Eric Turner-Victoria Tutino


1. Tom Casey-Bob Lowery
2. Len Lavallee-Francis Palasieski
3. Suzanne Spangenberg-Lee Kennedy
4. Ian Sidey-Tom Duffy
5. Spencer Hood-Melissa Hernan





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