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2012 Solomon Trophy

Day 3 report

David Maugham finishing the doubles match that clinched the Solomon Trophy for GB | Photo by Doug Ledgett

The wheels fall off the Team USA bus.

Team USA’s attempt to hold on to the Solomon Trophy for a third straight time came to an end today, as Great Britain notched their second 4-0 day of the test match. Having outpaced GB 4-3 on day 2, team and supporters alike had high hopes of making up more ground. Winning day 3 would have at the least put USA in the same position they were after 3 days in the historic 2009 match. It was a tall order, but after the day 2 comeback was certainly plausible.

But Aiton and Burch’s 2-0 win over Rothman and Grimsley seemed to take the wind out of the team’s sails. Next it was Mulliner and Death with a 2-0 win over Lamm and Patmore. Then the conclusion of the round 2 doubles match, another 2-0 win for GB. What turned out to be the deciding match of the test — Bast and Huneycutt vs. Maugham and Evans — started with good play from both sides but collapsed into an error-filled game 3. The game provided an oddly anticlimactic ending to what had at times been a thrilling test match.

The test match will continue tomorrow and undoubtedly the spectators will be treated to still more world-class play. For the home team it will be a chance for a measure of redemption. For the victorious GB squad, a chance to cut loose and attempt spectacular plays. And for the Bald Head Island Club, a day to bask in well-deserved appreciation for quality of the venue and the hospitality.

Reported by Jeff Soo





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