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2012 Solomon Trophy


The Bald Head Island Club | Photo by Doug Ledgett

Preparations for the first international test match ever held on Bald Head Island are in full swing, BHI Club staff getting lawns and venue into top shape, while croquet club volunteers handle the hosting and social details. Steen Wansley and his grounds crew are working overtime to assure lawns of test-match standard, double-cutting and rolling and setting new hoops each day. Lawn speed on courts #1, #2, and #3 is at 13 Plummers (1) or faster. Lawn #4, opened just a month ago, will be playing a little slower.

Unusually warm weather has given way to the opposite, a strong cold front moving through just as the British players begain arriving Sunday evening. Team GB captain Keith Aiton was welcomed with a lighting strike at the ferry terminal just before embarking. The weather is expected to settle down to pleasant and sunny, with some chance of breezy conditions that would add considerably to the challenge of playing on these fast lawns.

Official events begin Tuesday, October 9, with a Pro-Am and the US-rules Presidents’ Matches. The Solomon Trophy test match runs for four days, starting Wednesday.

Reported by Jeff Soo


  1. The Plummer rating is a measurement of lawn speed, similar to the Stimp rating used in golf. A measurement in Plummers is the number of seconds a ball remains in motion when struck a distance of 105 feet. The higher the Plummer rating, the faster the lawn. Most players consider a 12 Plummer lawn very fast, and would find a 14 Plummer lawn exceedingly fast and difficult to play on.





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