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2019 Sarasota County Croquet Club Singles Championship

March 5–10, Venice, Florida

SCCC Hi Handicap Results

The high handicaps were won by the men this year.

Bob Lentz won all seven of his matches, several by a multiple wicket difference. He played very consistently for the tournament. Jim McLaughlin was second with five wins and Bob Merritt was third.

Second flight was won by one of our newest players, Merle Berkshire. An up and comer who is playing very well, he just began playing three months ago. Ellie Griffith was second and Connie Coling third.

Third flight was won by another new player, Rusty Rose. The flight will be very happy to see him progress so they don’t have to play him again. Katie Bull was second and Nancy Wonson was third.

Tournament Director was Jim Coling

SCCC Low Handicap Results

The low handicaps played the second half of the week in 3 flights for 22 players. The weather was perfect with clear skies and a balmy breeze. The club furnished a continental breakfast each morning and an attitude adjustment each day after play was complete.

In Championship Flight A the handicaps ranged from -2 to +1. Alan Cottle played his usual awesome games winning 7 out of 8 games. Bob Worrell was second with 6 wins. The rest of the players in this flight were Gene Raymond, Jackie Jones, Matt Griffith, Hans Peterson, Arthur Olsen and Webster Bull.

In Championship Flight B the handicaps ranged from 1.5 to 4.5. Bob Crouch was the shining star in this flight winning all 7 of his games. Jim Coling came in second. The other players in the flight were Paul Phoenix, Ted Thelin, Stephen Grassbaugh, Oakley Johnson, Bill Hoffman and Ken Deason.

The First Flight had just 5 entries with three 7s, a 6 and a 5 handicap. Nancy Crouch won all four of her games. She is a hard one to beat. Nancy Hart was second. The rest of the flight consisted of Doug Ledgett, Dick Schleiter, Mac McDermott.

I want to thank all of the ladies for keeping us well fed with continental breakfast and attitude adjustment for the whole week. Also, a special thank you to Matt Griffith and Jim Coling and all the other men for coming out early every day of the tournament to set up all 6 courts. There were a lot of other volunteers that were out there every day keeping boards, helping with setup and cleanup. Without our volunteers we wouldn’t be able to have such successful tournaments. Thank you to all.

Tournament Director was Gary Anderson

Final Order

Championship A

  1. Alan Cottle
  2. Bob Worrell
  3. Gene Raymond
  4. Jackie Jones
  5. Matt Griffith
  6. Hans Peterson
  7. Arthur Olsen
  8. Webster Bull
  9. Ken Northrop

Championship B

  1. Bob Crouch
  2. Jim Coling
  3. Paul Phoenix
  4. Ted thelin
  5. Stephen Grassbaugh
  6. Oakley Johnson
  7. Bill Hoffman
  8. Ken Deason

First Flight A

  1. Nancy Crouch
  2. Nancy Hart
  3. Doug Ledgett
  4. Dick Schleiter
  5. John McDermott

First Flight A

  1. Bob Lentz
  2. Jim McLaughlin
  3. Bob Merritt
  4. Linda Taber
  5. Bob Taber
  6. Jon Ayers
  7. Bob Hacker
  8. Christine Smith

Second Flight

  1. Merle Berkshire
  2. Ellie Griffith
  3. Connie Coling
  4. Gillian Merritt
  5. Harry Brown
  6. Robert Elwell
  7. Linda Kemerer






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