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2019 Rockfish Croquet Tournament

The 2019 Rockfish Croquet Tournament was held at the Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club on May 30 – June 2.  This tournament is a training tournament and beginners and players with a high handicap are provided with a coach during round-robin play.

Participants can play 6-wicket or golf croquet in singles or doubles.

A great time was had by all.  Of special note: Lyle Browning won “best shot” by making a 15 ft double jumper to score the final hoop and win his golf croquet game over John Priest.  Susan Scott won “best hoop shooting” for her long hoop shots in golf croquet.  The hoops were set to international standards and were very firm and extremely tight, but that didn’t keep Susan from scoring so many from long distance that competitors soon started calling 10ft hoop shots, “Scott Shots”.

The Rockfish will be held again next spring and is a great tournament for beginning players.

—Macey White, Tournament Director

American Six-Wicket Croquet

Championship Singles

  1. Macey White
  2. Rodney Lassiter
  3. Jim Coling
  4. Rick Darnell

First Flight Singles

  1. Merle Berkshire
  2. Martin Karel
  3. Chris Smith
  4. Karin Karel

Waterford Doubles

  1. Rodney Lassiter & Bo Prillaman
  2. Karin Karel & Carl Johnson
  3. Michael Heath
  4. Martin Karel
  5. Jane Koziol

Golf Croquet

Championship Singles

  1. Bo Prillaman
  2. John Priest
  3. Lyle Browning
  4. Susan Scott

Waterford Doubles

  1. Rick Darnell & John Priest
  2. Macey White & Lyle Browning
  3. Merle Berkshire
  4. Chris Smith
  5. Susan Scott

Zed Plate

  1. Chris Smith
  2. Jane Koziol






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