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2019 Buffalo Croquet Club Invitational

August 8–11, Delaware Park, Buffalo, NY

Play started on Thursday night under the lights, outdoor BBQ and a great opportunity for many of us to catch up once again in Western New York...a few travel delays but honestly...this tournament is really starting to hit its stride. The weather was spectacular...except for myself and the Laging family who did the set up in basically a monsoon, the skies cleared up in perfect timing. Which turned out to be harbinger of more great weather to come. Court one, a victim of floods in previous years, was vastly improved and hosted the bulk of Championship play with no complaints from the players, other than the usual self-deprecation - yes, we're looking at you Rich Curtis.

Friday doubles produced one stand out...Kathleen Green, the highest handicap of the event, went undefeated and was the number one seed in second flight doubles. More handicap reductions are in your future.

Kathleen and Courtney weren't the only Green players to turn up on Saturday morning and results showed...some suffering more than others.  NYCC's very own club champion Shane Hettler, was a very different type of "green", needing to take many non-play related time outs.  Saturday evening The Terrace at Olmsted Park provided a beautiful setting for the tournament dinner with views over the lake, live jazz, great food, dedicated service and a chance to relive the highs and lows of the day.

Now down to business.  Western New York had a solid showing.  In second flight Buffalo Croquet Club's Bob Gannon was able to take first place defeating Ron Rapuano, while Peter Sherer of Rochester was able to capture third place.  In first flight, it was Déjà Vu for the third time in as many Western New York events, Ryan Thompson faced off against Leo Leither.  Well, as per usual, Ryan did it again.  Ryan, your first flight days are numbered.  Another member of the Buffalo Croquet Club, captured third place in what will officially be Paul Neubecker's last first flight appearance.  Welcome to the big Leagues...speaking of which, on to Championship Flight...

On Sunday two undefeated Championship players were already locked for the playoffs with two others on the bubble.  Then Jim "Wrecking Ball" Erwin upset the apple cart and Shane Hettler pulled a Lazarus, I am still baffled by the miracle that got him into the playoffs.  After a couple of indifferent semi-finals in which the undefeated block winners did not live up to star billing, the final saw Shane take on defending champion Tim Rapuano.   Errors on both sides went unpunished but Tim's break play held up best, as he successfully defended  the stunning Bronze Buffalo trophy.  Congratulations Tim!

Thanks for all that contributed to a wonderful event, the Buffalo Croquet Tournament is truly a special event.

~ Douglas Moore (with a little help from Chris Patmore)

Championship Singles

  1. Tim Rapuano
  2. Shane Hettler
  3. Chris Patmore
  4. Jim Wright
  5. Doug Moore
  6. Rich Curtis
  7. Jim Erwin
  8. Arthur Olsen
  9. Patrick Little
  10. Noe Jimenez

Championship Doubles

  1. Chris Patmore & Patrick Little
  2. Rich Curtis & Noe Jimenez
  3. Tim Rapuano & Doug Moore
  4. Sean Hettler & Jim Erwin
  5. Jim Wright & Arthur Olsen

First Flight Singles

  1. Ryan Thompson
  2. Leo Leither
  3. Ron Millican
  4. Paul Neubecker
  5. Temp Peck
  6. Courtney Green
  7. Anne Frost Robinson
  8. Rich Laging
  9. Bill Miller
  10. Deb Millican

First Flight Doubles

  1. Rich Laging & Ron Millican
  2. Ryan Thompson & Bill Miller
  3. Leo Leither & Courtney Green
  4. Paul Neubecker & Deb Millican
  5. Anne Frost Robinson & Temp Peck

Second Flight Singles

  1. Bob Gannon
  2. Ron Rapuano
  3. Peter Sherer
  4. Peter Bowers
  5. Hillary Michaels
  6. Anne Licursi
  7. Paul Strada
  8. Bill Vrooman
  9. Kathleen Green

Second Flight Doubles (Waterford)

  1. Anne Licursi & Hillary Michaels
  2. Kathleen Green & Bob Gannon
  3. Paul Strada & Peter Bowers
  4. Peter Sherer
  5. Ron Rapuano
  6. Bill Vrooman






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