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2019 USCA National Golf Croquet Championships

October 10–14, National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, FL

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Sherif in the singles final

Sherif Abdelwahab already held the records for most US national Golf Croquet titles, and longest streak of national GC doubles titles. And at the 2019 championships, he swept both titles for the third year in a row, extending his records to 13 overall GC national titles, and eight doubles titles in a row.

His opponent in the singles final was Blake Fields. Despite having just turned thirteen, Fields is already a seasoned player, having won last year’s doubles title (partnered with Abdelwahab), and having played in the Under 21 GC World Championship this summer. His performance throughout the Knockout was an impressive display of talent and grace under pressure. Abdelwahab won the final 7-6, 7-6, and to do that he to play at the top of his game. For young Blake, the sky’s the limit.

Abdelwahab’s partner this year was David Maloof, the pair having also won this event here in 2016. In the finals they faced Ahab Dincer (Sherif’s younger brother) and Macey White. Abdelwahab and Maloof ran out a comfortable 7-2 win in the first game. Dincer and White fought back well in game 2, leading to tactical battles around the final hoops, before Abdelwahab and Maloof finished out 7-5.

Other notable performances came from Cody Kittle, playing in his first tournament ever, and reaching the final of the Championship Singles Plate; Helen Covington, playing her second tournament ever and reaching the First Flight finals in both singles and doubles; First Flight doubles champions Gil Flowers and Rich Dell, and First Flight singles champion Ellie Griffith.

Championship Doubles

  1. Sherif Abdelwahab & David Maloof
  2. Ahab Dincer & Macey White
  3. Cheryl Bromley & Stephen Jackson
  4. Randy Cardo & John Osborn
  5. Michael Albert & Danny Huneycutt
  6. Ahmed Alshurafa & Hisham El Zoghby
  7. Matt Griffith & Leo McBride
  8. Justin Fields & Eileen Soo
  9. Amr Hamdy & Nazmi Nazmi
  10. Brian Cumming & Hal Denton
  11. Blake Fields & Jeff Soo
  12. Peter Carlin & Donna Dixon
  13. Jimmy Huff & Todd Russell
  14. Cody Kittle & Stephen Morgan

Championship Singles

  1. Sherif Abdelwahab
  2. Blake Fields
  3. Ahab Dincer
  4. Stephen Morgan
  5. Danny Huneycutt
  6. Brian Cumming
  7. David Maloof
  8. Matt Griffith
  9. Jeff Soo
  10. Jimmy Huff
  11. Leo McBride
  12. Michael Albert
  13. Peter Carlin
  14. Hisham El Zoghby
  15. Cheryl Bromley
  16. Justin Fields
  17. Donna Dixon
  18. Nazmi Nazmi
  19. Macey White
  20. Ahmed Alshurafa
  21. John Osborn
  22. Stephen Jackson
  23. Gil Flowers
  24. Cody Kittle
  25. Randy Cardo
  26. Todd Russell
  27. Amr Hamdy
  28. Eileen Soo
  29. Hal Denton

Championship Doubles Plate

  1. Peter Carlin & Donna Dixon
  2. Cody Kittle & Stephen Morgan
  3. Amr Hamdy & Nazmi Nazmi
  4. Brian Cumming & Hal Denton
  5. Jimmy Huff & Todd Russell
  6. Justin Fields & Eileen Soo
  7. Blake Fields & Jeff Soo

Championship Singles Plate

  1. Jeff Soo
  2. Cody Kittle
  3. Amr Hamdy
  4. Gil Flowers
  5. Macey White
  6. Cheryl Bromley
  7. Ahmed Alshurafa
  8. Hisham El Zoghby
  9. Todd Russell
  10. Stephen Jackson
  11. Jimmy Huff
  12. Nazmi Nazmi
  13. Justin Fields
  14. Donna Dixon

First Flight Doubles

  1. Rich Dell & Gil Flowers
  2. Helen Covington & Arlene Stevens
  3. Karen Connery-Albert & Ellie Griffith
  4. George Enochs & Billy Joe Simmons
  5. John Fox & Peggy Fox
  6. Priscilla Flowers & Shoshanna Shelley
  7. Merle Berkshire & Chris Smith
  8. Paul Fecteau & Henry Kraft

First Flight Singles

  1. Ellie Griffith
  2. Helen Covington
  3. John Fox
  4. Rich Dell
  5. Paul Fecteau
  6. Priscilla Flowers
  7. Merle Berkshire
  8. George Enochs
  9. Billy Joe Simmons
  10. Karen Connery-Albert
  11. Bill Sullivan
  12. Peggy Fox
  13. Henry Kraft
  14. Chris Smith
  15. Shoshanna Shelley

First Flight Doubles Plate

  1. George Enochs & Billy Joe Simmons
  2. Paul Fecteau & Henry Kraft
  3. Merle Berkshire & Chris Smith
  4. Priscilla Flowers & Shoshanna Shelley
  5. John Fox & Peggy Fox

First Flight Singles Plate

  1. Billy Joe Simmons
  2. Peggy Fox
  3. Bill Sullivan
  4. Henry Kraft
  5. Chris Smith






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