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2020 Openshaw Shield

WCF Golf Croquet World Teams Championship, Tier 1

January 6–12, Nelson, NZ

Photo Gallery

Team USA

Team USA
Danny Huneycutt, David Maloof, Ben Rothman (C), Sherif Abdelwahab, Jeff Soo (reserve) | photo by Mieke Maloof

Day 1

Judith Hanekom, Hamy Erian
Former women’s world champion Judith Hanekom (ZAF) plays a delicate shot for position en route to winning a block-round match against Hamy Erian (EGY) | photo by Jeff Soo

Day 2

Felix Webby, Duncan Dixon
Felix Webby and Duncan Dixon (NZL) in a block-round doubles match | photo by Jeff Soo

Day 3

Yasser Sayed
18-year-old Yasser Sayed (EGY) | photo by Jeff Soo

Day 4

Josh Freeth, Edmund Fordyce
Josh Freeth (NZL) applauds as his doubles partner Edmund Fordyce claims a hoop point | photo by Jeff Soo

Edmund Fordyce
Edmund Fordyce (NZL): focus | photo by Jeff Soo

Day 5

Danny Huneycutt
Danny Huneycutt (USA) plays a bouncing jump shot through hoop 6 in game 3 against Fordyce | photo by Jeff Soo

Day 6

England v. USA doubles
Richard Bilton (l) and Stephen Mulliner (r, ENG) talk tactics while David Maloof and Danny Huneycutt (USA) look on | photo by Jeff Soo

Moustafa Nezar
Moustafa Nezar (EGY) shows his stylish swing in the final test match against NZL | photo by Jeff Soo

Day 7

Josh Freeth
Josh Freeth (NZL) celebrates a match-winning hoop | photo by Jeff Soo

NZ team
Josh Freeth, Duncan Dixon, Felix Webby (captain), and Edmund Fordyce with the Openshaw Shield | photo by Jeff Soo

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