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2020 Ponte Vedra Golf Croquet Open

August 1–2, Ponte Vedra Croquet Club, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

For complete scores see the listing for the tournament.


The Northeast Florida Croquet Club LLC sponsored The Ponte Vedra Golf Croquet Open and it was hosted by the Ponte Vedra Croquet Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Sixteen players representing six clubs came together bringing their best games, staring down each other, COVID-19 and the approach of Hurricane Isaias.

Jim Teel
Jim Teel

This tournament was played in the Swiss format, which is not common in Florida. In the Swiss format players are seeded by their skill level. In the first round the top ranked player plays the bottom ranked player, the second ranked player plays the next to bottom ranked player and so on for the first round. In round two winners play winners and losers play losers. In round three to the last round players continue to play within smaller blocks based on the number of wins and are seeded based on net wickets. The winner of the event is the player with the highest number of wins and in the event of a tie on wins the highest net wickets or best head to head determines first place.

It was August in Florida and hot. While the event could be played in one day, we scheduled the event for three games each Saturday and Sunday to avoid the afternoon heat.

John Curington
John Curington

The players got in some good competitive games and had a good time. The approaching storm put a bit of a damper on Sunday as players in the path of the storm had to leave early, but our leaders were all present Sunday to play until only one undefeated player remained. Jim Teel played to perfection defeating his competition in each game to remain undefeated. John Curington in his second golf croquet tournament showing finished second.

Saturday and Sunday morning the weather was beautiful. The Swiss format proved to be a good tournament alternative for a short, but still competitive, tournament that allows players with limited time to compete and enjoy croquet.

—Bill Simmons, Tournament Director

Order of finish

  1. Jim Teel
  2. John Curington
  3. Bobby Greene
  4. Helen Covington
  5. Marc Stearns
  6. Joe Carroll
  7. Bill Simmons
  8. Dave Paukovich
  9. Ed Giancola
  10. Ellen O’Brien
  11. Tamer Hatata
  12. Dana Silliman
  13. Dorothy Silliman
  14. Rich Iuliucci
  15. Patti Paukovich
  16. Fran Ginacola






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