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2020 Quogue Field Club (GC)

September 19, Quogue NY

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Croquet finds its way back into the Quogue Field Club with a vengeance after 92 years. The club was founded in 1887, where the first sport was baseball. Golf and tennis soon followed as well as other sports.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Randy Cardo and David Kepner, croquet has found another home at The Field Club for the first time since 1928. With one full size lawn in an ideal setting, it is adjacent to the tennis courts with the junior sports field behind. When Rick Landry was brought in to start the program, little did he know this would be his busiest summer ever.

The junior croquet program has over 70 kids daily, which is probably the largest in the country, maybe the world, and at least 50 adults play on a weekly basis. The club has also established weekly clinics, round robins and club championships in its first summer. Twenty-two players graced the new croquet lawn for the first inaugural club championship, where spectators enjoyed watching their fellow club members compete against each other with many smiles and cheers.

The weather was spectacular sunny and cool from the time the event started at 9am until the last match finished at 5:30 pm. There were two blocks of play. The top two teams from each block played off. In the first semi-final Dick Corey and Don Allison defeated their wives Joan Corey and Jan Allison 5-4. In the second semi-final David Kepner and John Morgan defeated Cristina Kepner (David’s wife) and Allison Worthington 5-4.

The championship match was played between Dick Corey and Don Allison versus David Kepner and John Morgan. Kepner and Morgan beat Corey and Allison in block play but were bested 7-4 in the finals. It was a very close match at 3-3 when fiery Dick Corey rattled off three wickets David Kepner drained a twenty-footer at hoop 10 but it wasn’t enough, and Dick Corey scored hoop 11 for the win. All the members were treated with subs from the Quogue market and a toast and tally at the end of the event.

The Quogue Field Club is the most enthusiastic and competitive group of people I have ever met and enjoyed.

—Rick Landry, TD

Golf Croquet Doubles

  1. Dick Corey and Don Allison
  2. David Kepner and John Morgan
  3. Joan Corey and Jan Allison
  4. Cristina Kepner and Allison Worthington
  5. Barbara Sartorius and Kevin Hogan
  6. Anne Anthony and Judy McDermott
  7. Betsy McMahon and Connie Walsh
  8. Fran Laserson and Ann Kaplan
  9. Ralph Confessore and Linda Confessore
  10. Patricia Ross and Molly Newman
  11. Maureen Laness and Carol Winklevoss






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