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Titled Tournament Players Lists

Entry lists for upcoming titled tournaments and selection events (ordered by date), as of November 25, 2019.

If you're a USCA member, and would like to enter too, please find the entry form in the Official Forms.

Golf Croquet Icon USCA GC Club Team Championship
December 6–8
National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, FL

Sherif AbdelwahabHal Denton
Susan AdamsBrad Martens
Richard Barker David Walker
Cheryl BromleyCynthia Joa
Debbie DavidoffEarle Mauldin
Clint DawkinsVictor Fransen
Irving DeGarisAlan Griffin
Hal DentonSherif Abdelwahab
Phil Emond TBD
Sue Emond TBD
Priscilla FlowersJohnny Mitchell
Shepard FosterPeggy Fox
Peggy FoxShepard Foster
Victor FransenClint Dawkins
Roy GeeJames Huff
Alan GriffinIrving DeGaris
William (Bill) HarrisonKent Louvorn
James (Jimmy) HuffRoy Gee
Cynthia JoaCheryl Bromley
Kent LovvornWilliam Harrison
Brad MartensSusan Adams
Earle MauldinDebbie Davidoff
Johnny MitchellPriscilla Flowers
Mike ShadJack Davis
Shoshanna ShelleyJoanna Sindley?
Billy Joe SimmonsTBD
David WalkerRichard Barker

Golf Croquet Icon WCF GC World Team Championship (Tier 1)
6–12 January 2020
Nelson, New Zealand

Selected players
Sherif Abdelwahab
Danny Huneycutt
David Maloof
Ben Rothman
Jeff Soo
Ahab Dincer

WCF World Championship (AC)
15–23 February 2020
Melbourne, Australia

WCF-selected players
Sherif Abdelwahab
Jim Bast
Matthew Essick
Stuart Lawrence
USCA-selected players
Stephen Morgan
Simon Jenkins
Available players
Ben Rothman
Peter Bach






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