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Titled Tournament Players Lists

Entry lists for upcoming titled tournaments and selection events (ordered by date), as of 7 June 2019.

If you're a USCA member, and would like to enter too, please find the entry form in the Official Forms.

Golf Croquet Icon Southeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional 9-Wicket
7–9 June 2019
Woodgrove Park, Round Hill, VA

Player Partner
Bill Beam Eric Carlson
Eric Carlson Bill Beam
Bryan Christianson Gil Rocha
Douglas Murphy TBD
Jill Murphy TBD
Gil Rocha Bryan Christianson
Gail Rubin TBD
John Warlick Macey White
Macey White John Warlick

Southeast Regional 6-Wicket
13–16 June 2019
Pinehurst Resort & Country Club, Pinehurst, NC

Player Partner
Chris Barley Rick Sheely
Gary Bennett Alan Langley
Rob Byrd Bill Hartmann
Beverly Cardo Randy Cardo
Randy Cardo Beverly Cardo
Ted Cooley Louis Mercuro
Bob Crouch Nancy Crouch
Nancy Crouch Bob Crouch
Bill Daigle John Knott
Ken Deason John Schoo
Linda Dos Santos N/A
Antonio Dos Santos N/A
Melody Eckhart Mick Marsh
Becky Essick Brett Stovall
Bill Hartmann Rob Byrd
Horace Hayworth TBD
Brian Hovis TBD
Danna Huneycutt TBD
Danny Huneycutt James Spoonhour
John Knott Bill Daigle
Anne Kukla Michael Kukla
Michael Kukla Anne Kukla
Alan Langley Gary Bennett
Michael Marsh Melody Eckhart
Louise Mercuro Ted Cooley
Elaine Moody Mike Taylor
Bob Morgan TBD
Mijai Pagano Joe Zilligen
Mary-Stewart Regensburg TBD
Ed Roberts TBD
Mary Rodeberg TBD
John Schoo Ken Deason
Rick Sheely Chris Barley
James Spoonhour Danny Huneycutt
Brett Stovall Becky Essick
Preston Stuart Macey White
Mike Taylor Elaine Moody
Macey White Preston Stuart
Tim Williams TBD
Joe Zilligan Mijai Pagano

Golf Croquet Icon Western Regional GC
11–14 July 2019
Sonoma-Cutrer Croquet Club, Windsor, CA

Player Partner
David Cartwright TBD
Nancy Chapman Larry Lennox
Helen Covington N/A
William Heaton N/A
Diana Hill TBD
Karl-Heinz Kempfer Barbara Wills
Larry Lennox Nancy Chapman
Kathy Marteny Nelson Marteny
Nelson Marteny Kathy Marteny
Mike Orgill TBD
Jan Pilon Jan Pilon
Dan Pilon Dan Pilon
Janet Quarters TBD
Bill Simmons TBD
Susan Wall TBD
Barbara Wills Karl- Heinz Kempfer

Western Regional 6-Wicket
26–28 July 2019
Woodlawn Park, Seattle, WA

Gary Anderson
Nick Gray
Carl Uhlman

Golf Croquet Icon WCF Under 21 World Championship (GC)
20–24 July 2019
Nottingham, England, UK

Selected Players
Bassmann Jared
Fields Blake

Golf Croquet Icon WCF World Championship (GC)
27 July – 4 August 2019
West Sussex, England, UK

WCF-selected players
Abdelwahab Sherif
Dincer Ahab
Huneycutt Danny
Maloof David
Rothman Ben
Soo Jeff
USCA-selected players
White Macey
Bromley Cheryl
Griffith Matthew (First alternate)

All other players who made themselves available for selection remain on the Reserve List (used by the WCF to replace withdrawals from WCF-selected Ranking Places).

Solomon Trophy (USA vs. GB)
1–4 October 2019
Pinehurst Resort & Country Club, Pinehurst, NC

Available players
Sherif Abdelwahab
Jim Bast
Paul Bennett
Matthew Essick
Doug Grimsley
Danny Huneycutt
Stuart Lawernce
David Maloof
Ben Rothman
Zack Watson
Macey White

Selection Eights (AC)
24–27 October 2019
National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, FL

Available players
Thomas Balding
Jim Bast
Webster Bull
Dawn Jupin
David Maloof
Leo McBride
Macey White
Gene Raymond

Golf Croquet Icon WCF GC World Team Championship (Tier 1)
6–12 January 2020
Nelson, New Zealand

Available players
Sherif Abdelwahab
Justin Berbig
Cheryl Bromley
Hal Denton
Ahab Dincer
Blake Fields
Danny Huneycutt
Stephen Jackson
David Maloof
Ben Rothman
Jeff Soo
Macey White

WCF World Championship (AC)
15–23 February 2020
Melbourne, Australia

Available players
Sherif Abdelwahab
Jim Bast
Stuart Lawrence
David Maloof






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