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Titled Tournament Players Lists

The following players have entered the upcoming titled tournaments (ordered by date), as of 18 October 2018.

If you're a USCA member, and would like to enter too, please find the entry form in the Official Forms.

Golf Croquet Icon USCA Golf Croquet Eights (singles only)
18-21 October 2018
Venice, FL

Albert Karen Connery
Albert Michael
Boger Richard
Bromley Cheryl
Carlin Judy
Carlin Peter
Dell Richard
Dixon Donna
Flowers Gil
Griffith Ellie
Griffith Matt
Hamdy Amr
Hoffman William
Huneycutt Danny
Jackson Stephen
McBride Leo
Peterson Hans
Pierce Vernon
Rose Russell (Rusty)
Russell Todd
Soo Jeff
Stevens Arlene
White Macey

Association Croquet Icon USCA Selection Eights (AC singles)
25-28 October 2018
National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, FL

1st 8
Essick Matthew
Morgan Stephen
Cumming Brian
Huneycutt Danny
Lawrence Stuart
Watson Zack
Abdelwahab Sherif
Grimsley Doug
2nd 8
Taylor Mike
Bast James
Bach Peter
Pailas Daniel
White Macey
Ruby Britt
Jenkins Simon
Mead Bill
3rd 8
Houser Jim
Todorovich Michael
Cooper Tom
Barley Chris
Hughes Jay
Druiett David
Sosin Howard
Hettler Shane
4th 8
Albert Michael
Saad George
Daigle William
Balding Thomas
Schiller Richard
Jupin Dawn
Dilley Russell
Raymond Gene
5th Group
Eccles Ron
Knuth Walsh Sandra
Hartmann Bill
Marshall Todd
Sudderberg Lynda
Ramey Missy
Berry Steve
Rugart Jodie
Cooper Loretta
Byrd Rob
Morrison Jeff
Sullivan Christine
Waiting List
Karel Karin
Karel Martin

USCA Seniors Masters Championships (singles & doubles)
7-11 November 2018
National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, FL

Last First Partner
Alexander Charles Donald Parker
Archiniaco Carl TBD
Bitting Reine Tim Bitting
Bitting Tim Reine Bitting
Blamire John Larry McDermott
Cardo Randy Bob Chilton
Cassidy Terry n/a
Curington John TBD
Dilley Russell Richard Scherf
Duryea Bob TBD
Eccles Ron TBD
Ekstrom David TBD
Ekstrom Martie Rita McNamara
Grassbaugh Stephen David Spivey
Hilles Ted Jane Osgood
Hinckley Bettina Arlene Stevens
Huxtable Ron TBD
Huxtable Linda TBD
Kukla Anne Michael Kukla
Kukla Michael Anne Kukla
Mabee Carleton Robert Worrell
McCormick Tim Missy Chilton
McCoy David TBD
McDermott Larry John Blamire
McNamara Rita Martie Ekstrom
Millican Deborah TBD
Millican Ron Harold Menzel
Osgood Jane Ted Hilles
Parker Donald Charles Alexander
Phoenix Paul Jackie Jones
Raymond Gene TBD
Rodeberg Mary TBD
Rueck Carla Suzanne Spradling
Rugart Conrad Jodie Rugart
Rugart Jodie Conrad Rugart
Sadowski Diane William Sadowski
Sadowski William Diane Sadowski
Scherf Richard Russell Dilley
Sheely Richard Matthew Griffith
Ski Mark Patricia
Spradling Scott TBD
Spradling Suzanne Carla Rueck
Spratt Patricia Mark Ski
Steiner Joe Wendell Thompson
Stevens Arlene Bettina Hinckley
Stuart Preston TBD
Sudderberg Lynda William Trower
Todorovich Michael Richard Sullivan
Trower Bill Linda Sudderberg
Worrell Bob Carleton Mabee

USCA National Nine-Wicket Croquet Championship (singles & doubles)
New dates: 12-14 November 2018
Hartfield, VA

Player   Partner
Duncan Patricia TBD
Murphy Douglas Jill Murphy
Murphy Jill Douglas
Rubin Gail TBD
Warlick John TBD

Golf Croquet Icon WCF Women's World Championship (GC)
2-9 February 2019
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Selected Players
Bromley Cheryl
Dixon Donna
Knuth Walsh Sandra






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