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Titled Tournament Players Lists

The following players have entered the upcoming titled tournaments (ordered by date), as of 14 August 2018.

If you're a USCA member, and would like to enter too, please find the entry form in the Official Forms.

Midwestern Regional Tournament (6W singles & doubles)
31 August - 3 September 2018
Tulsa, OK

Player   Partner
Dilley Russell Scott Spradling
Hovis Brian n/a
Jordan, Jr. Dale Jon Spaulding
McQuigg Kevin TBD
Menzel Harold Ron Millican
Spaulding Jon Dale Jordan
Spradling Scott Russell Dilley
Spradling Suzanne Doug Ledgett
Steiner Joe TBD
White Macey TBD

Golf Croquet Icon USCA National Golf Croquet Championship (singles & doubles)
19-23 September 2018
Lake Toxaway, Sapphire, & Cashiers, NC

Note: the entry has been expanded to 40 singles players, 24 in Championship Flight.

Player   Partner
Abdelwahab Sherif Blake Fields
Albert Michael Cheryl Bromley
Baillis Jeffrey TBD
Boger Richard Gil Flowers
Bromley Cheryl Michael Albert
Butts Jim Justin Fields
Connery-Albert Karen Ellie Griffith
Denton Hal Macey White
Enochs George William Stenack
Essick Matthew Danny Huneycutt
Fields Blake Sherif Abdelwahab
Fields Justin Jim Butts
Flowers Gil Richard Boger
Griffith Ellie Karen Connery-Albert
Griffith Matthew Leo McBride
Hamdy Amr Nazmi Nazmi
Harper Billy TBD
Hill Jeffrey Michael Orgill
Huff Jimmy TBD
Huneycutt Danny Matthew Essick
Kamal Mohammad n/a
Knuth Walsh Sandra TBD
Lamm Rich Jeff Soo
Lucke Adrienne Jochen Lucke
Lucke Jochen Adrienne Lucke
McBride Leo Matthew Griffith
Nazmi Nazmi Amr Hamdy
Nazmi Omar n/a
Orgill Michael Jeffrey Hill
Sheely Richard Jim Hanks
Smith Don n/a
Soo Eileen n/a
Soo Jeff Rich Lamm
Stenack William George Enochs
Teel Jim TBD
Walker Diane John Walker
Walker John Diane Walker
White Macey Hal Denton

Golf Croquet Icon Over-50 World Championship (GC)
6-13 October 2018
Cairo, Egypt

Selected Players
Abdelwahab Sherif
Canavan Len
El Soukkary Omaya
Griffith Matthew
Mohammad Kamal

USCA National American Six-Wicket Championship (singles & doubles)
7-13 October 2018
Hartfield, VA

Player   Partner
Cardo Randy Danny Huneycutt
Hartmann Bill TBD
Hovis Brian n/a
Huneycutt Danny Randy Cardo
Neubecker Paul Martie Ekstrom
Rinaman William TBD
Uhlman Carl TBD

Golf Croquet Icon USCA Golf Croquet Eights (singles only)
18-21 October 2018
Venice, FL

Albert Karen Connery
Albert Michael
Carlin Judy
Carlin Peter
Flowers Gil
Griffith Ellie
Griffith Matt
Huneycutt Danny
McBride Leo
Peterson Hans
Rose Russell (Rusty)
Soo Eileen
Soo Jeff
White Macey

Association Croquet Icon USCA Selection Eights (AC singles)
25-28 October 2018
National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, FL

Available Players
Abdelwahab Sherif
Albert Michael
Bach Peter
Balding Thomas
Barley Chris
Bast James
Bergen Christophe
Berry Steve
Bidencope Damon
Breeden Billy Bob
Byrd II Robert
Cardo Randy
Cooper Loretta
Cooper Tom
Cumming Brian
Daigle William
Dilley Russell
Druiett David
Essick Matthew
Goodwin Dylan
Grimsely Doug
Harders Matthew
Harshman Ian
Hartmann Bill
Hettler Shane
Houser Jim
Hughes James
Huneycutt Danny
Jenkins Simon
Jupin Dawn
Karel Karin
Karel Martin
Keans Michael
Knuth Walsh Sandra
Landry Rick
Lawrence Stuart
McBride Leo
Millican Deborah
Moody Elaine
Morgan Stephen
Morrison Jeff
Osborn John
Pailas Daniel
Percival-Smith Christopher
Rapuano Timothy
Ramey Missy
Raymond Gene
Ruby Britt
Rugart Jodie
Saad George
Schiller Richard
Selman Martyn
Sosin Howard
Spratt Patricia
Sudderberg Lynda
Taylor Mike
Todd Marshall
Todorovich Michael
White Macey

Golf Croquet Icon WCF Women's World Championship (GC)
2-9 February 2019
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Available Players
Bromley Cheryl
Dixon Donna
Knuth Walsh Sandra






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