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Titled Tournament Players Lists

The following players have entered the upcoming titled tournaments (ordered by date), as of 5 June 2017.

If you're a USCA member, and would like to enter too, please find the entry form in the Official Forms.

Association Croquet Icon Mid-Atlantic Regional (US)
1-4 June 2017
Meadow Club of Southampton, Southampton, NY

Player Partner Flight
Azad Nabil Casey Bergin 2
Baker Stuart Kevin Hansley 1
Bergen Christophe Chris Loat C
Bergin Casey Nabil Azad 2
Cardo Randy Stewart Jackson C
Cramer Beatty Vickie Johnston 1
Donato-Selby Yvette n/a 2
Geddes Gerald Ronald Rapuano 2
Hansley Kevin Stuart Baker 1
Jackson Stewart Randy Cardo C
Johnston Vickie Beatty Cramer 1
Loat Chris  Christophe Bergen C
Mabee Hailea Jonathan Parisi 2
Mayo Anthony Carol Mayo 1
Mayo Carol Tony Mayo 1
Parisi Jonathan Hailea Mabee 2
Parks Claudia n/a 2
Rapuano Ronald Gerald Geddes 2
Rapuano Tim Preston Stuart C
Sadowski Diane n/a 2
Schweitzer Lone TBD C
Scully Ciara Brendan Tanner 2
Stuart Preston Tim Rapuano C
Tanner Brendan Ciara Scully 2
Van Wyck DeRopp Zoe TBD 1

Association Croquet Icon Southeast Regional (US)
8-11 June 2017
North Mountain Croquet Club, Timberville, VA

Player Partner Flight
Byrd Robert Rodney Lassiter C
Darnell Rick Carter Richardson 1
Grimsley Doug n/a C
Haas Marie Robert Lankford 1
Hovis Brian n/a 2
Koziol Dennis John Priest 1
Koziol Jane Arthur Olsen 1
Lankford Robert Marie Haas 1
Lassiter Rodney Robert Byrd C
Lefler Ward Tim Williams 1
McCreary Robert TBD 2
Morrison Jeff TBD 1
Olsen Arthur Jane Koziol 1
Priest John Dennis Kozial 1
Richardson Carter Rick Darnell 1
Rineman William TBD C
Watson Travis Zack Watson C
Watson Zack Travis Watson C
Williams Tim Ward Lefler 1
Yoder Joe TBD C






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