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Titled Tournament Players Lists

The following players have entered the upcoming titled tournaments (ordered by date), as of 22 February 2019.

If you're a USCA member, and would like to enter too, please find the entry form in the Official Forms.

Golf Croquet Icon USCA Croquet Week Golf Croquet
8–10 March 2019
National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, FL

Justin Berbig
Shoshanna Shelley
Bill Simmons

American Croquet Icon USCA National Club Teams (6W)
13–17 March 2019
National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, FL

Player Partner Club
David Isaacs Carla Rueck New York Croquet Club
Tom Stoner Rodney Calvert West River Wickets

USCA National Association Laws Championship
24–30 March 2019
Sarasota County Croquet Club, Venice, FL

Player Partner
Michael Albert Hans Peterson
Peter Bach Macey White
Chris Barley Simon Jenkins
Paul Bennett Leo McBride
Roni Brazell Dale Poszgai
Loretta Cooper TBD
Tom Cooper Jay Hughes
Brian Cumming Doug Grimsley
Russell Dilley TBD
Matthew Essick TBD
Doug Grimsley Brian Cumming
Jay Hughes Thomas Cooper
Simon Jenkins Chris Barley
Lee Jorde TBD
Dawn Jupin Lynda Sudderberg
David Maloof Jeff Soo
Leo McBride Paul Bennett
Dan Pailas TBD
Hans Peterson Mike Albert
Dale Poszgasi Roni Brazell
Mary Rodeberg TBD
Jeff Soo David Maloof
Lynda Sudderberg Dawn Jupin
Macey White Peter Bach

Golf Croquet Icon USCA Golf Croquet Eights
11–14 April 2019
National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, FL

Hal Denton
Leo McBride
Bo Prillaman
Macey White

Golf Croquet Icon WCF Under 21 World Championship (GC)
20–24 July 2019
Nottingham, England, UK

Selected Players
Bassmann Jared
Fields Blake

Golf Croquet Icon WCF World Championship (GC)
27 July – 4 August 2019
West Sussex, England, UK

WCF-selected players
Abdelwahab Sherif
Dincer Ahab
Huneycutt Danny
Rothman Ben
Soo Jeff
USCA-selected players
Kamal Mohammad
White Macey
Bromley Cheryl (First alternate)
Griffith Matthew (Second alternate)

All other players who made themselves available for selection remain on the Reserve List (used by the WCF to replace withdrawals from WCF-selected Ranking Places).

Golf Croquet Icon WCF GC World Team Championship (Tier 1)
6–12 January 2020
Nelson, New Zealand

Available players
Justin Berbig
Blake Fields
Jeff Soo
Macey White






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