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The USCA Croquet News is a thrice-yearly newsletter that features coverage of USCA national, regional and state title events, as well as other USCA-sanctioned tournaments, from major invitationals to club championships. It also lists the results -- from first place to last -- of all the tournaments.

The USCA Croquet News also covers international competition in which USCA teams participate, such as the McRobertson Shield and Solomon Cup matches.

The USCA Croquet News regularly publishes instructional tips, handicap updates, rules changes and clarifications, and a complete calendar of upcoming events and tournaments.

The USCA Croquet News reports on the activities of the Croquet Foundation of America, including the annual Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, fund-raising dinner dances and auctions, and other significant events conducted for the benefit of croquet in the United States.

From time to time, the USCA Croquet News runs special feature articles about new clubs, court construction, USCA awards, and unusual promotional events.

The USCA Croquet News carries a limited number of advertisements for croquet equipment and resorts and hotels where croquet is played.

The USCA Croquet News offers advertising opportunities to companies interested in reaching the croquet-playing audience




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