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USCA Grand Prix

The USCA Grand Prix ranks players on a point system, based on their best five results in singles and doubles for each calendar year. New for 2020, there are separate listings for AC and GC.

Use the filters, below, to select game type, year, and/or to restrict the list to men only or women only.

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2008 Standings: American Rules

Showing 1–20 of 966 players

Rank Name Hcap Singles Doubles Total down
1Doug Grimsley-3174801424031720
2Ben Rothman-2.5185901054229132
3Leo McBride-2.513310841221722
4Jeff Soo-315120590121021
5Brian Cumming-216400255018950
6Peter Just-1.511635707018705
7Johnny Mitchell Jr.-1.59110807017180
8Richard G. Curtis-17525886016385
9Britt Ruby-1.57253798715240
10Ted Knopf-1.512140229514435
11Tom Hughes-0.56280774014020
12John C. Osborn-29650390013550
13Richard Sullivan-1.59750372813478
14Jackie Jones-18590478813378
15Danny Huneycutt-211990135013340
16Tim Bitting-17290489212182
17Ted Quimby-1.58045382911874
18Michael Gibbons-19285210511390
19Paul Scott-1.55524540010924
20Fred W. Jones-17185336810553
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