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2017 Grand Prix

The USCA Grand Prix awards points for the performance of USCA members in sanctioned doubles and singles games, tracked for each calendar year. For an explanation of how the system works, see the article New USCA Grand Prix.

Results for all USCA sanctioned events are included for the current calendar year to the current date. The annual game ends on January 1.

Last name:

Showing 41–60 of 693 players

Rank Name Hcap Singles Doubles down Total
29Norris Settlemyre-1.5550021117611
38Jim Wright0442020706490
60Preston Stuart1.5173020113741
56Stephen P. Grassbaugh3.5193520043939
32Kenneth (Tim) Bitting-1520020017201
24David Isaacs0607018007870
88John Blamire060018002400
97Stuart D. Baker4.534717142061
16Paul T. Bennett-2.5747017019171
49J. Gary Bennett1268017004380
78Kevin Hansley4.5102216852707
94John Warlick0.555016402190
13Chris Patmore-2802016209640
28Conner L. Helms2610215797681
47Scott Spradling0.5316415374701
64Mark Fields2.5190015213421
22Simon Jenkins0640015007900
108Fred W. Jones-1.528814901778
95Catherine Niederer467514012076
67Calvert Chaney2.5190013813281
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