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2017 Grand Prix

The USCA Grand Prix awards points for the performance of USCA members in sanctioned doubles and singles games, tracked for each calendar year. For an explanation of how the system works, see the article New USCA Grand Prix.

Results for all USCA sanctioned events are included for the current calendar year to the current date. The annual game ends on January 1.

Last name:

Showing 61–80 of 682 players

Rank Name Hcap up Singles Doubles Total
176Ted Quimby-0.5540201741
177Linda Huxtable-0.57001701
187Paul Emmett-0.56250625
669Jane Simonds-0.5011
16David Isaacs0607018007870
26Richard Schiller0463024007030
31Jim Wright0442020706490
45Simon Jenkins0265015004150
55Donna Dixon0252510203545
66Tom Hughes0279002790
77Bill Daigle017407002440
80Perry Mattson0240002400
78John Blamire060018002400
85Jay Hughes013059802285
86Zack Watson013209602280
95Douglas P. Moore012107101920
98Wayne Davies030015001800
120Russ Cuccia011053401445
128Jim Bast09004501350
129Ron Huxtable07006001300
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