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2018 Grand Prix

The USCA Grand Prix awards points for the performance of USCA members in sanctioned doubles and singles games, tracked for each calendar year. For an explanation of how the system works, see the article New USCA Grand Prix.

Results for all USCA sanctioned events are included for the current calendar year to the current date. The annual game ends on January 1.

Last name:

Showing 161–180 of 229 players

Rank Name Hcap up Singles Doubles Total
129Eileen Cornacchia10522476
138Robert Taber10164561
143Nancy M. Genieser10124456
148Connie Coling10242448
149Andrew J. Parsons10321648
151Arlene Stevens1044044
161Bill Fraser1036036
164Tom O'Laughlin1032032
166Freear Pollard1028129
168Eugenia Wilkie1028028
169William F. Sadowski1024024
175Nancy Cooper1002424
173Orin Kaufman1024024
171Mary Anne Mathys1002424
188Randall Bedard1001818
197Yvonne Croizer1012012
196Robert M. Williams1001212
201William Swanson10909
203Eileen Fell10099
206Laura Warner10448
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