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USCA Grand Prix

The USCA Grand Prix awards points for the performance of USCA members in sanctioned doubles and singles games, tracked for each calendar year. For an explanation of how the system works, see the article New USCA Grand Prix. The annual game ends on January 1.

Results are listed by year (by default the list shows the current calendar year up to the current date). Use the filters, below, to show results from previous years and/or to restrict the list to men only or women only.

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Notice: Due to an error when the results of the National American Rules Championship were entered, the current tally is incorrect for some players. This will be corrected at the end of the year.

Showing 141–160 of 690 players

Rank Name Hcap Singles down Doubles Total
181Linda R. Dos Santos3.59300930
164Cheryl Bromley209291901119
129Steve Mossbrook0.59008951795
141John Dill09005951495
183Rick Landry0.59000900
144James Turner18605601420
116Joe Yoder-0.584812372085
188Bob Hafner08400840
161Brian D. Hovis4.58383111149
100Linda Huxtable-0.582017062526
175Bob Crouch3.58201801000
189Peter Woolley4.58201821
112Suzanne Spradling680314502253
106Douglas P. Moore080016002400
196Adam Lassiter1.57800780
162Stephen Jackson77783601138
132Patrick Sweeney07769801756
167Peter Carlin207723191091
119Paul Neubecker476112211982
198Jim Houser-17500750
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