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2018 Grand Prix

The USCA Grand Prix awards points for the performance of USCA members in sanctioned doubles and singles games, tracked for each calendar year. For an explanation of how the system works, see the article New USCA Grand Prix.

Results for all USCA sanctioned events are included for the current calendar year to the current date. The annual game ends on January 1.

Last name:

Showing 1–20 of 207 players

Rank Name Hcap Singles Doubles Total up
207Nona McGinnis16101
204Kevin Gralton20202
205John E. Walker20202
206Debbie Marshall16202
194Edmund Giancola15044
195Bettina B. Hinckley10404
196Gerald Kagan16404
197Rosemarie Maccario12404
198David Paukovich14044
199Patrica Paukovich17044
200Kathy M. Reichard-Ellavsky17044
201Jeanette Bair Tribby10044
202Robert N. Elwell Jr.13404
203Robert Lankford10044
193Sidna B. Mitchell12415
189Nora T. Rainone14606
190Walter M. Ludwig16606
191Cutler Fall10606
192John Fitterman10606
186Barbara O'Laughlin11808
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