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USCA Grand Prix

The USCA Grand Prix ranks players on a point system, based on their best five results in singles and doubles for each calendar year. New for 2020, there are separate listings for AC and GC.

Use the filters, below, to select game type, year, and/or to restrict the list to men only or women only.

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2012 Standings: American Rules

Showing 101–120 of 311 players

Rank Name Hcap up Singles Doubles Total
88Brenda Pollock899112211
90Jennifer Williams811775192
105Eileen Holberg818100118
125Karen Comeau8563187
132Patricia M. Duncan8244872
153Judith Prosser854054
201Lisa Maddox816925
204Carol P. Neves802525
219Tina Theurkauf812921
237Anthea Blamire801313
238Shanda Stephenson801212
253Cecily Hines8909
50Kathleen Dainton9138288426
54Marilyn Hamer9100300400
58Joy Bradford961295356
61Penny Ferraro927967346
72Antoinette Kemp968222290
79Jennifer Joseph92520252
86Lynda P. Sudderberg974150224
89Barbara Nelson931174205
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