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USCA Grand Prix

The USCA Grand Prix ranks players on a point system, based on their best five results in singles and doubles for each calendar year. New for 2020, there are separate listings for AC and GC.

Use the filters, below, to select game type, year, and/or to restrict the list to men only or women only.

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2014 Standings: American Rules

Showing 1–20 of 855 players

Rank Name Hcap Singles Doubles Total up
854Anastasia Peregrin20101
855Katherine Hannah15101
838Lee Little9202
839Joanne Schmole16202
840Joan Yale17202
841Mary Lou Wagner14202
842 Handicap 16.016202
843Warren Johnson14202
844Dagmar Farris18202
845Carol B. Ray20022
846Carol A. Harden20202
847Peter Hunt15202
848Nancy F. Buebendorf20202
849Judy Talley20202
850Jennifer Koontz20202
851Janice S. Alexander15202
852Cam McIntyre15202
853Katie Bull16202
826Millie Brogan13303
827Dean Hewitt8303
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