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USCA Grand Prix

The USCA Grand Prix ranks players on a point system, based on their best five results in singles and doubles for each calendar year. New for 2020, there are separate listings for AC and GC.

Use the filters, below, to select game type, year, and/or to restrict the list to men only or women only.

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2016 Standings: American Rules

Showing 721–740 of 794 players

Rank Name Hcap Singles down Doubles Total
794Gabe Airrington20101
60Stewart Jackson-2039003900
158Fred W. Jones-1.5010501050
215Robert A. Spiotta4.50601601
225Zoe Van Wyck DeRopp50556556
273Richard Palmer40350350
274Charlotte Neagle40350350
278Flavia Logie110343343
383George Fulmer60144144
384Ted Cooley80144144
392John Phaneuf-0.50140140
393Paula Phaneuf10140140
394Arthur P. DiGeronimo Jr.60140140
395June Jefferys90140140
434Les Kelley40100100
437Art Parsells20100100
485Bernard Pattie706868
510Lynn LeBlanc905252
512Lee Hanna605252
525Randall Bedard1004848
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