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Al Heath and Charles P. Steuber

Al Heath

Despite his 81 years, which he wears as lightly as a croquet clip, Alfred R. Heath remains a wizard at the game. During the past 30 years, Heath's footprints have been seen on croquet lawns from Westhampton, Long Island, the frantic surroundings of New York's Central Park to the restful beauty of Palm Beach's Beach Club, his favorite place to befuddle an opponent. Heath has encroached on would-be tennis players there not once but three times, and he now has 3 beautiful playing lawns at his disposal. To make sure these are occupied Heath has organized three yearly major events: the Clyde Rine Memorial, the Beach Club Invitational, and — what else? — the Heath Cup! We welcome Al into our Hall of Fame and we shall continue to watch him play appreciatively but always with a sharp eye.

Al Heath was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1990.




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