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Alexander Ix

Alexander Ix

Alexander Ix has been a member of the Green Gables Croquet Club at Spring Lake, NJ for over 35 years. He has demonstrated a sincere desire to further the game of croquet, giving unselfishly of his time by organizing tournament schedules, teaching both beginners and more experienced players the intricacies of our game, and participating in other club tournaments.

He has great respect for our sport and set the highest of standards, continually demonstrating to all the meaning of proper conduct on the court, and most importantly, the requirement for strict adherence to the rules of our game.

He has given generous financial support anonymously to his club, the United States Croquet Association, Croquet Foundation of America, National Croquet Center and international events.

He has never looked for accolades and always conducts himself as a person of high principles.

Alexander Ix was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 2010.




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