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Anne Frost Robinson

Anne Robinson

Anne’s involvement in croquet began when she was 24 years old in 1987 when she was recruited as the Membership Director of the USCA by founding president, Jack Osborn. While she held that position, the USCA experienced the greatest growth in its history. In 1988 alone, a record 67 new croquet clubs joined the USCA.

From 1990 to 1994, Anne served as the Executive Director of the USCA. She was responsible for the fiscal and administrative operations of the USCA. She also negotiated and administered a multi-year $150,000 sponsorship with Jaguar Cars. From 1989-1994, she was the Editor of more than twenty issues of the USCA Croquet Bulletin. Working with then President, Foxy Carter, she was the Tournament Manager for the World Croquet Federation’s 1992 World Championships in Newport, Rhode Island, the first WCF event held in the United States.

Anne was the Administrative Director of the Croquet Foundation of America from 1989-1994, during which time she created the CFA’s Friends of the Foundation fundraising program and served as a liaison for Hall of Fame events and Palm Beach Balls. She also edited the CFA Monograph Series on Club Building written by Bob Alman, and oversaw the production of the promotional video Serious Sport, Serious Fun, both of which played significant roles in the growth of the sport of croquet in America.

Anne served on the USCA Management Committee from 1997 through 2008 as Secretary, Treasurer, Second Vice-president and First Vice-president. She was the Editor of the USCA’s Croquet News from 1999-2003. She worked closely with former USCA Presidents Dan Mahoney, Dick Brackett and Rich Curtis who nominated her to the Hall of Fame in recognition of her insight, dedication and guidance in dealing with the considerable challenges faced by the USCA during those years.

Anne also served as a member of the Board of the Croquet Foundation of America from 1995 to 2001. She was the CFA’s Secretary from 1996-1998.

In addition to her contributions to the growth of croquet in the United States, Anne also served in volunteer roles for Croquet Canada, the national governing body for croquet in Canada. She was a member of its Board from 1995 to 2001, and President from 1996 to 2001. She was also a founding officer of the Niagara-on-Lake Croquet Club in Ontario and served as club instructor.

Anne’s on-court accomplishments are also notable. In 2005, she became the first woman to win the U.S. National Singles Championship in First Flight at Mission Hills Croquet Club in Rancho Mirage, California. Anne placed third (with partner Bill Hoy) in the 2008 USCA National Club Team Championships. She was the 2012 New York Croquet Club Osborn Cup First Flight Singles winner and has also had numerous high finishes in regional, invitational and club tournaments.

Anne’s contributions to croquet in North America over the past 25 years are extensive and have had a significant and lasting effect on our sport.

Anne Frost Robinson was inducted into the USCA Hall of Fame in 2013.




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