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Archie Burchfield

Archie Burchfield

Before there was a USCA, there was Archie Burchfield croquet champion. Unknown to the "croquet whites" of organized croquet the Kentucky croquet players had their own players, game, and championship tournaments. It was Archie that first became aware of Mr. Osborn's USCA and rocked the six-wicket game by demonstrating his top notch playing ability against the USCA's best. Over the years Archie showed that croquet belongs to everyone, not just an elite few — it is a democratic game that knows no allegiance to a social class.

Archie has represented the USA in international competition, won major tournaments, and has been one of America's best ambassadors for the game. He alone has brought croquet to late night television. He and his wife, Betty, have hosted players from around the world and introduced them to Kentucky (clay court) Croquet.

Archie is one of the true croquet originals of America!

Archie Burchfield was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1995.


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