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J. Archie Peck

J. Archie Peck

Four time U.S.C.A. National Singles Champion, twice National Doubles Champion, scratch golfer, club champion tennis player, world class surfer, past Jai Alai professional, expert snow and water skier are but a few of the many talents of a man who could well be called the Athlete of the Year — Any Year.

"Silky Legs" J. Archie Peck has been on the forefront of modern Croquet in the United states since its inception. A native Floridian, graduate of the University of Florida, Archie is president of John Peck Real Estate on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. His warm personality and acute business acumen has helped him maintain his father's realty business as the leading Real Estate firm in Palm Beach.

On the Croquet side of his life, Archie began his career at the Palm Beach Croquet Club founded by Joe Tankoos and under Joe's guidance became the President of the club in the early '70's. Initially play was held at the Colony Hotel then moved to The Breakers Hotel where The Palm Beach Croquet Club now has its permanent home. As past and current President of one of the oldest and largest Croquet clubs in America, Archie has been instrumental in the creation of the U.S.C.A. and The Croquet Foundation of America. His past term as President of the Croquet Foundation serves as an ongoing testimony to his love and dedication to the sport.

From the competitive aspect Archie Peck has been one of the winningest players to ever grace a Croquet Court. Four National Singles Titles and two National Doubles Titles alone speak for themselves yet since the days of the first East Coast Singles Championship against Jack Osborn on Lil Phipps' rolling Palm Beach Estate to his recent victory in both Singles and Doubles in the 1984 Southern Regional Championship not many Croquet events, from Bermuda to Phoenix, Arizona, have been unattended by Archie nor have many Croquet titles eluded him.

His casual manner, stylishly easy Irish-grip swing and deadly accuracy on the particularly critical last shots of a match have vaulted him into the winner's circle more times than can be mentioned here.

Deeply tanned and usually clad in crisp, top of the line tennis whites, most often shorts (hence the name "silky legs" dubbed by a woman writer in the Miami Herald) Archie cuts one of the handsomest and most dashing figures on the court, any court.

When we sum it all up: Baseball may have its Babe Ruth, Football may have it O.J. Simpson, Golf has its Jack Nicklaus, and Tennis has its Rod Laver — That is all right because we have our Archie Peck!

Archie, welcome to the United States Croquet Hall of Fame.

J. Archie Peck was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1984.


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