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Bill Hoy

Bill Hoy

Bill won his first of many croquet titles in 1975 playing Cosmic Croquet. Lured to Pinehurst Country Club in August of 1982 by a promise of bigger and better Croquet, Bill, wife Becky and friends met Peyton Ballenger, Archie Burchfield, Archie Peck, and Mack Penwell, among others. He saw the light and was hooked on the spot by Jack Osborn's USCA six wicket croquet. By October the Georgia Croquet Club was organized and accepted for membership in the United States Croquet Association. In 1983 he was paired with Peter Hull of Virginia to sweep the A flight doubles and win the Southern Regionals. September found Bill and Becky in New York's Central Park for the National Championships and the surprise announcement that he had been named Rookie of the Year for 1983. In 1985, using new found computer skills, he began enhancing the presentation and professional appearance of event after event for the USCA and club invitational tournaments.

Named President of the Georgia District of the USCA, Bill was the driving force of the growth of croquet in Georgia. As part of his continuing role in croquet Bill was a charter member of the Rules and Referees Committee and one of the original Examining Referees. He also served on the first Handicapping Committee and has been a member of the Greens Committee since its inception. He is also currently a member of the Tournament Format Committee. A maker of quality equipment since 1982, some of his innovations include the Wicket Clamp, Laminated Shaft, Shadow Mallet, Sliding Deadness Board and striped balls and clips for double banking.

Throughout all these 14 years Bill was constantly helped and supported by his life partner and wife, Becky, with whom he shares the honor of the Hall of Fame election.

Bill Hoy was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1996.




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