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Bob Clayton

Bob Clayton

In the late 1950's Bob Clayton played a fateful game of croquet with Marshall Field at Field's Long Island home. When Bob got back to his New York City home, he called Abercrombie and Fitch to order his first Jaques croquet set and was on the road for his three decade journey to the U.S. Croquet Hall of Fame.

After fifteen years playing the nine-wicket two-stake version with a group of Quogue friends and neighbors, Bob invested in the construction of a proper six wicket court on the waters edge of his Quogue estate.

The Quantuck Bay Croquet Group had found a home court that was to serve as the social and competitive focal point for the USCA Mid Atlantic Regional Championships during most of the 1980's.

Bob's commitment to the sport was tested on more than one occasion when tidal waters heightened by Northeasters and hurricanes inundated his court requiring major resuscitation to return it to playable condition.

Since 1982, Bob has served as Treasurer of the USCA bringing his experience as CEO of a Wall Street investment banking firm to bear on the financial aspects of our young growing sport's association.

Bob's love of the sport has long been recognized at countless invitational tournaments around the country in which he, accompanied by his supportive non-croquet playing wife, Maria, enjoyed competing.

But the clearest indication of the Clayton competitive spirit, and one which has become a cornerstone of croquet lore in America occurred during a New York Croquet Club Tournament in Central Park. As was his habit, Bob had driven his Lincoln Continental to the parking lot at the nearby Tavern on the Green. In the middle of a game, the parking attendant ran up to the court yelling to Bob that his car had suddenly caught fire. Calmly, Bob paused and said, "Can't you see I'm in a match … I'll be over when it's finished."

To a man of this kind of dedication, what more appropriate honor can we bestow than to welcome Bob Clayton to the U. S. Croquet Hall of Fame.

Bob Clayton was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1992.




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