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S. Cortland Wood

S. Cortland "Cortie" Wood

In the early 1960's the fledgling Westhampton Mallet Club moved their home courts to Howard & Anne Cox's estate on Seafield Lane. The surface of the roadway paralleling the three original nine wicket courts was unfinished and cars coming through the twin airplane propeller entranceway stirred up clouds of dust as they drove in. New club member S. Cortland Wood, then President of the New York Trap Rock Co., recognizing a need, contributed truck loads of gravel and the problem was solved. Over the years, the WMC, like many budding sports clubs, has been faced with a series of bumpy organizational and operational roads as its volatile membership shifted and reshifted political gears and administrations. For the last twenty-five of its almost thirty year history, the one consistent calm mainstay member whose low key presóence has continued to smooth the path of the Westhampton Mallet Club has been Corty Wood.

An accomplished, competitive golfer, Corty knows the joys of winning at both golf and croquet. What marks his playing of either sport, however, are the same desirable attributes that have marked his life. Corty Wood is the consummate gentleman sportsman.

The wry sense of humor and twinkle in his eye have made Corty the most popular Director, officer and President the WMC has ever had and his service as USCA's Long Island District President since its beginning is further testimony to his dedication. As the second oldest active croquet club, and one of the five charter members of the USCA, the Westhampton Mallet Club has produced six national champions and many of its former or current members have contributed substantially to the beginning and growth of the sport in the U.S. Notable among the champions who trace their early success to knowing him is Kiley Jones whose first mallet and coaching were given to him at age 10 by Corty.

When Corty and Lee took up residence at their home adjacent to the club's courts, it became the second home to the members. Few who have played in Westhampton have not found the opening in the hedge and enjoyed their ongoing warm hospitality.

Croquet in America could not be where it is today were there not good folks like Corty Wood and for that reason, and the hope that his example will set goals for others to emulate, the Trustees of the Croquet Foundation of America warmly welcome S. Cortland Wood into the U.S. Croquet Hall of Fame.

S. Cortland Wood was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1989.




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