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Dorothy Rodgers

Dorothy Rodgers

Talented, attractive and organized, Dorothy Rodgers was for years one of the outstanding female croquet players in a game dominated by males. Slender yet deceptively strong, Dorothy (dubbed Legs by Herbert Bayard Swope, Sr.) was a skilled shot, an expert strategist and equalled Averell Harriman in a deliberate approach to the game. Her croquet lawn in Southport, Connecticut (laid out beside a specially-designed lake) was for years the goal of all those who wanted desperately to be able to conquer the huge and difficult challenge. It was the pride of Connecticut and the Rodgers were the keepers of the croquet flame in that state.

She was married to Richard Rodgers.

Dorothy Rodgers was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1997.


Dorothy Rodgers in Society Divas
The Lady is a Champ in New York Times




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