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Frederick Schock, Jr.

Frederick Schock, Jr.

During his years as a hotel owner, banker and golf club owner and operating president, Fred was a perfectionist. No detail escaped his notice, which probably largely accounts for his success in the business world. Now retired, his favorite recreation is croquet. An active sportsman throughout his life, Fred has excelled as a boatman, deepsea fisherman, golfer and water fowler, to mention a few of his avocations. In croquet, his relaxed, easy style and excellent shot-making are picture-perfect. He has always had a natural flair for the game, as he has demonstrated during the last 25 years as the nearly perennial champion of the Green Gables Croquet Club. Above all he is perhaps best admired for his quiet, gentlemanly manner and his good sportsmanship.

Frederick Schock, Jr. was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1981.




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