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Frederick Supper

Frederick Supper

When Fred Supper sets his mind on something it's hard to shake. His determination and persistence which marked his many years in building Alexander Proudfoot into a world wide leading management consultant firm are the same characteristics which have marked his croquet career both on and off court.

Starting with a practice court at his lakeside Palm Beach home almost a decade ago, he has overseen the installation and ongoing maintenance of the spectacular private court at the Supper's Round Island estate on the Long Island Sound in Greenwich, Connecticut. Over the past half dozen years this court has served as the site of the annual Round Island Mallet Club Invitational tournament and Connecticut's most visible event aimed at raising the interest of the sport of croquet among the areas residents. Each year numerous potential converts have accepted Fred and Pat Supper's invitation to attend a cocktail party, clinic and picnic during the weekend event which, together with media support, has resulted in several new family clubs being formed in the area.

Dialogue has begun with Greenwich officials which, after a spearheading meeting with Pat who presented a petition with 100 signatures of residents, will undoubtedly lead to croquet sharing of the towns beautiful bowling greens in Bruce Park with the local bowling club. Clearly, the Supper persistence is paying off and the prospect of a Greenwich Croquet Club is but one example.

After serving on the Croquet Foundation of America's Board of Directors since the early eighties, Fred has been its President for the past two years. Together with Pat, the President of the USCA's Connecticut District, Fred has, and continues to, contribute significantly to the ongoing success of the sport of croquet.

It is for this and with sincere appreciation we welcome Fred Supper to the U.S. Croquet Hall of Fame.

Frederick Supper was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1988.




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