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Jack Randall Osborn

Jack Randall Osborn

At the outset, it is an impossible task to adequately describe Jack Osborn's contribution to Croquet. The birth and growth of modern Croquet in the United States is the fruition of a dream that Jack has held dear since his first exposure to the International Rules game at The Hurlingham Club, England in the 1960's. A native San Franciscan, Jack became an industrial designer whose work took him from public relations at General Motors Corporation to Chairmanship of Osborn-Charles Associates in New York. While developing his expertise in marketing, design and public relations Jack summered in Westhampton Beach, Long Island where he first encountered croquet as one of the eleven founding members of the Westhampton Mallet Club in 1960. The then popular 9 wicket game gave way to the established international 6 wicket format when Jack, through his exposure to British Croquet, formed the New York Croquet Club with S. Joseph Tankoos in 1967.

Jack's vision of a United States Croquet Association soon became a reality through his tireless efforts and inspirational enthusiasm. In 1977 five member clubs chartered the new Association and now the ever growing USCA (with 135 member clubs) stands as a monument to his foresight and conviction. The creation of the Croquet Foundation of America, a charitable organization designed to further the growth and understanding of Croquet; the establishment of College, Regional, National and International USCA events; the publishing of the US Croquet Gazette; and, most recently, co-authorship of the book, Winning Croquet — Backyard to Greensward are all by-products of his larger and greater efforts to expand and improve the organization and play of croquet in the United States.

As a consummate player, Jack's credentials include six National titles, Local and Regional titles too numerous to mention, and captaincy of the United States team which featured the only US victory over the British team with his defeat of John Solomon in 1981. Jack now partners with his only son, John C. Osborn, and having won the 1983 National Club Team Championships, will compete together in the US National Championships in September.

As a player, promoter and true sportsman, his enthusiasm and committment has affected the whole of the croquet playing world. The list of accomplishments is unending and if, as it is said, a man is judged not only by his own actions but by the actions he inspires in others, Jack has been truly successful. The myriad of friends and world wide supporters who have joined in the work of organizing and advancing croquet are further testimony to his generous and enduring love of the game.

It is no less of an honor than is deserved, and no greater an honor that we can bestow than to welcome Jack R. Osborn into the US Croquet Hall of Fame.

Jack Randall Osborn was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1983.


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