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Jean Arrington

Jean Arrington

Little could Jeannie know, when a friend suggested that they volunteer to address invitations to the 1980 Hall of Fame Ball, that a dozen years later she would, herself, become an honored inductee.

Since that first day in the USCA's and CFA's cramped one room office on Madison Avenue, Jean has, unarguably, contributed more time energy and talent to "growing" our sport than any woman in America.

Born in Grundy, Virginia, Jean brought her work experience in fashion and business machines (IBM) to bear on the last ten years as Secretary of the USCA, Secretary of the Croquet Foundation of America (eight years till 1988), of which she is now Treasurer, nine years as Managing Editor of the U.S. Croquet Gazette, another nine years as an officer (Secretary/ Treasurer) and/or Director of the cornerstone New York Croquet Club. All of these key positions she has held without compensation.

While serving in these offices, Jean has helped hundreds of clubs and thousands of individuals who have sought assistance in coming into the sport of USCA croquet.

No one, however, did she help more during those formative years, than the USCA's and CF of A's founder, Jack Osborn. Throughout eight office moves, evolving management committees, five support staff changes and dealings with countless suppliers, Jean provided solid continuity as Jack's right arm and sounding board. Despite her soft spoken, low profile persona, her strong willed determination to see croquet prosper has earned Jean a major share of our appreciation.

At a little over 5 feet and 100 pounds, Jeannie also be came a formidable croquet player, who has not only collected many tournament trophies, but has upset and, humbled a number of high ranking croquet stars who have underestimated her four handicap skills with her 3 lb. 4 oz. Jaques lignum vitae mallet.

For all of her selfless contributions to the collective well being of the sport, we are most pleased to have Jean Arrington accept her well deserved induction into the U S. Croquet Hall of Fame.

Jean Arrington was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1991.




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