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Jim Lyons

Jim Lyons

Definitely a latecomer to croquet, Jim Lyons joined our game with a quick enthusiasm and solid generous support. Jim was quiet and contained when playing the game as he was during Foundation meetings, until his advice was sought, as so frequently it was. When he retired as Vice Chairman of the Alexander Proudfoot Company, Jim wanted to devote his time to his three favorite diversions: thoroughbred racing (at which he was a fine handicapper), driving his oxygen-equipped car across Florida (and the entire United States) and croquet. Had he not suddenly died last spring in Mexico during a stop on a round-the-world flight Jim unquestionably would have had a growing impact on the game with his charity and breadth of vision. He would have been the first to refuse modestly this Hall of Fame Award which is a true measure of Jim Lyons.

Jim Lyons was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1990.


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