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Jim Miles

James B. "Jim" Miles

Jim Miles name will be familiar to anyone who has been involved with the work of the USCA over the past twelve years. He was chairman of the Handicapping Committee during its formative years and devised the original written guidelines for suggested handicap assignments. He served as the chairman of the USCA Rules Committee during the years leading up to the extensive 1992 rulebook revision. He was the founding chairman of the USCA Referee and Instructor Training and Certification Copmmittee, and developed all of the criteria, training and testing materials. He was the chairman of the USCA Planning Committee which developed an extensive membership questionnaire leading up to the first USCA Planning Conference held in 1994. The comprehensive report compiled as a result of that conference is helping to guide the USCA today. Jim was the recipient of the USCA Volunteer of the Year Award in 1993, and served as the USCA Secretary on the Management Committee for the past five years.

James B. "Jim" Miles was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1997.




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