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John Young

John Young

The word "Sharp" or better "Dazzling" describes both John Young's dress and his style of play. John cuts an indelible image on the croquet court and his fantastic shot making, rapid gait and aggressive tactics all combine to provide a highly watchable croquet performance.

John, one of the original founders and past presidents of the Bermuda Croquet Club, installed two lawns at his Lantana Colony Club in Somerset, Bermuda. He travels throughout the US with his wife, Nelga, competing in Local, Regional and National events with great success. His life in Bermuda has produced many sports interests not the least of which was swimming. John was a world class swimmer, and represented Bermuda in the Olympics. Little wonder that when he took up croquet, he would excel.

As a player, John's forceful Solomon grip style makes him one of the best shots in the game. He has been a National Finalist many times and has won several singles championships across the country and in Bermuda. John is an ardent supporter of the USCA and has been instrumental in evolving the laws of the modern American game. When he is not playing, John often spends many hours teaching new players the "Big Game".

Should you see a rather striking gentleman, dressed in impeccable whites, wearing a colorful neckerchief and a gold thingy around his neck — that is John Young. Stop and watch him play, you won't see anyone who swings a mallet better.

John, we welcome you to the Hall of Fame.

John Young was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1983.


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