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Elizabeth "Libby" Newell

Elizabeth "Libby" Newell

It has been said that Croquet can provide insight into the true nature of an individual and no one is a more beautiful reflection than Libby Newell. Her skill, genuine warmth and vivacious sparkle on the courts keep her in demand both as a partner or opponent. Her energies in the croquet offices have been directed into such roles as Director of the Croquet Foundation of America since 1978, Secretary of the USCA for four years and now First Vice President. She has been a dynamic force in every aspect of the sport since her earliest participation in croquet.

Typifying the true spirit, principles and standards of the sport, Libby has moved steadily from her first major accomplishment as a player — Rookie of the Year, 1979 — to becoming a regular in the winner's circle throughout the United States and twice B Flight Doubles Champ of the Bermuda Invitational. She consistently demonstrates the qualities necessary to become a top level player. Moreover, the sportsmanship that comes only with having genuine respect for others, integrity and commitment (she holds the record of being a member of eight USCA Clubs, as well as the Irish Croquet Association) — all combine with her magnanimous warmth, to provide a truly remarkable and wonderful friend of croquet.

Libby's unflagging generosity in the support of the USCA and the Croquet Foundation have often been their lifeline, and it is doubtful that either would exist in their present healthy form without her. She actively participates in every task, and has served in such diverse capacities as filing clerk pro tem to being Chairman of the Croquet Balls. Her beautiful home at Breakers Row in Palm Beach, Florida, as well as her former New York apartment, have often served as temporary croquet offices for special events. What with ringing phones, files spread everywhere and hair- raising schedules, only the most fanatical dedication could allow her to persevere — and persevere she most certainly does!

To top it all off, Libby has been the driving force behind the Croquet Foundation's fund-raising Balls. Beyond her great generosity, she has also left a personal stamp of exquisite taste and enthusiasm on all aspects of croquet.

Originally from Indiana, where her family published the Kokomo Tribune, Libby is now a resident of Palm Beach. Her devotion to croquet is the subject of competition from only one source — her children, Tamara and Andrew and grandchildren, Alexandra and Andy. If Libby is not playing croquet, she is probably playing Grandma — or as grand daughter Alex has aptly named her, "Go-mama". Libby will happily show you pictures of her grandchildren's antics when she is at the courts.

Libby's contribution to croquet is immeasurable. From all of us who have been touched by this remarkable lady, we offer our love, our respect and heartiest congratulations. Welcome to the US Croquet Hall of Fame.

Elizabeth "Libby" Newell was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1985.


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