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Michael Romanoff

Michael Romanoff

That fabled individual, the Little Prince, as he was known, Mike Romanoff, became a familiar figure on the croquet fields in Beverly Hills, where his restaurant was a meeting place for celebrities from the 1930's through the 60's. As a croquet master, Mike left something to be desired, but the figure of the Little Prince, striding across the Goldwyn lawn, holding his mallet by the grip almost shoulder high, his protruding lower lip more Hapsburg than Romanoff, his obviously flat feet striding with royal authority, will never be forgotten. Mike and host Samuel Goldwyn had many arguments, usually ending with the Prince being banished by Emperor Sam, who happened to own the royal courts. But soon they would end up together again. One feels they are still arguing somewhere on a more celestial playing ground.

Michael Romanoff was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1980.


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