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Nelga Young

Nelga Young

If there is any one player most responsible for keeping women on the competitive forefront of croquet, it must be Nelga Young. Nelga is clearly the finest woman player in both Bermuda and the United States and is top ranked Nationally in both singles and doubles. Indeed, no top level player has not succumbed to Nelga's fine shot making and cunning tactics.

Both native Bermudians, Nelga and her husband John, first played croquet with the fledgling Bermuda Croquet Club formed in 1970 (Nelga, however, was not allowed to compete until a few years later.) The Bermuda Club is a charter member of the USCA and largely due to Nelga and John's support, this Club has grown and flourished.

A member of the original "Croquet Family" in the early days of modern croquet, Nelga's warmth and genuine sincerity along with her wonderful sense of humor has charmed friends and players alike throughout the world. On her travels with John, Nelga has won croquet championships from Rancho Santa Fe to Bermuda and New York to Palm Beach.

Beyond Croquet, Nelga's life has been rich and full. She and John established and operated the Plantation Inn in Jamaica, Lantana Colony Club in Bermuda which their son and daughter, Paul and Penny now manage, and Sugar Bush Inn, Vermont, which their son, Jay, manages.

Croquet is now Nelga's exclusive sport and she teaches the game with uncommon passion and enthusiasm. Many of us have had the thrill of playing with and competing against Nelga, yet the pleasure of that competition pales the great joy of knowing her. Nelga will always hold a prominent place in our hearts as a dear friend. We welcome her to the US Croquet Hall of Fame.

Nelga Young was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1983.




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