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Patricia Supper

Patricia Supper

"Look Out — She's Got a Mallet" read the headline of the New England Monthly Magazine story in May of 1989 chronicling Pat Suppers persistent and ultimately successful efforts to persuade the Greenwich Town Council to allow croquet to share the local lawn bowl greens and thus set the stage for the formation of the Greenwich Croquet Club.

As the USCA's Connecticut District President, Pat and her Hall of Fame husband Fred had jointly spearheaded the sports growth in the state since forming the Round Island Mallet Club in 1987 at their beautiful estate on Long Island Sound. Their annual Invitational tournament, cocktail and dinner parties, clinics and picnics have introduced the charms of the sport to scores of people who became Pats co-petitioners to the town, and the founding hundred plus members of the Greenwich Croquet Club which overnight became the USCA's third largest croquet club.

During the past decade, Pat has frequently served as an honorary Chairman of the Croquet Foundations' major social functions and Balls as well as hostessing numerous parties for Palm Beach Croquet Club events at their winter home. The handsome perpetual PBCC Invitational Doubles Trophy, The Supper Cup, was a most welcome gift from the Suppers.

Along with their many contributions to the sport of croquet Pat and Fred have also provided significant support to education and art, such as the endowment of the Supper Scholarships at Palm Beach Atlantic College, the Supper Wing of the Bruce Park museum in Greenwich as well as Ballet Florida and numerous other worth while causes.

Along with her wielding a sharpshooting croquet mallet, this versatile and talented Northern California native is also an accomplished artist whose paintings have been exhibited on three continents, has traveled extensively and has mastered the Japanese, Italian, French and Spanish languages.

Aside from the Round Island, Greenwich and Palm Beach clubs, Pat (and Fred) are also members of the Palm Beach Polo & Country Club, Beach Club and the New York Croquet Club. It is with sincere appreciation for her proven commitment and all that she has done far our sport that we welcome Patricia Supper to the US Croquet Hall of Fame.

Patricia Supper was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1991.




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